Cocktail of the week: Golden Gai’s Tokyo banana – recipe

This is a liquid take on the Tokyo banana, the popular Japanese cake that is shaped like its main component. It’s a great alternative to a whisky sour, though I’ve adapted what we do in the bar to make it more user-friendly at home.

Tokyo banana
Serves 1

For the honey and black garlic syrup
50ml runny honey
1 clove black garlic, chopped
25ml water

For the ginger syrup
50ml water
50g caster sugar
25ml ginger juice (ready-made or fresh)

For the drink
2 slices fresh banana
50ml good blended whisky – we use Suntory’s Toki
20ml lemon juice
10ml honey and black garlic syrup (see above and method)
10ml ginger syrup (see above and method)

For the honey and black garlic syrup, put everything in a small saucepan, cook over a low heat for five minutes, then leave to cool, strain and put in a sterilised container.

For the ginger syrup, mix the water and sugar in a second small pan and heat gently, stirring, until the sugar dissolves. Leave to cool, then add the ginger juice and put in a sterilised container.

Now to build the drink. Put the banana slices in the base of a shaker and muddle (ie bash to break them up a bit). Add all the remaining ingredients and a handful of ice, and hard shake 10 times. Double strain into a rocks glass, add more ice to top and serve.